Philippe Hurel - Designer of Fine Furniture

Janice Dining Table

Janice Dining Table by Philippe Hurel in Oak and leather. Veneered top, with solid wood edges, leather base.



Janice table - Philippe Hurel


Oak and leather
Veneered top, with solid wood edges
Leather base
Leather from Ph.Hurel included
In lacquer and Oak:
Veneered top
Base in high-gloss lacquer finish
In white Ebony of Laos:
Veneered top
Base in parchment


Choosing details such as finish can make all the difference. With this in mind Philippe Hurel offers a wide range of choices to find just the right look for your project.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

The wood species used by Philippe Hurel are entirely in keeping with the vernacular tradition of French furniture making, regardless of whether they are of European or exotic origin, or whether they are available in abundance or threatened with extinction.

Philippe Hurel works only with the finest artisans and materials, combining traditional craftsmanship with present day aesthetics while sustaining local expertise.

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