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Doria bed

Doria bed by Philippe Hurel, in Makassar ebony, veneered frame, upholstered headboard and base



Doria bed - Philippe Hurel


Makassar ebony
Veneered frame
Upholstered headboard and base
Posters in metal with a textured powder coat finish
C.O.M, upholstery included
+ 6,00 lm of plain fabric, or
+ 22,00 m2 of leather


Choosing details such as finish can make all the difference. With this in mind Philippe Hurel offers a wide range of choices to find just the right look for your project.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Makassar ebony comes from Indonesia and is a hardwood with a very dark or marbled colour. Today it is hard to find and its provenance is strictly controlled. Our stock is conserved in a cellar where it is maintained at a constant temperature of 12°c. Soon there will be no more stock...

Philippe Hurel works only with the finest artisans and materials, combining traditional craftsmanship with present day aesthetics while sustaining local expertise.

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