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Bespoke services by Philippe Hurel, a style and design entity dedicated to creation, customization and harmony.


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A style and design entity dedicated to creation, customization and harmony:

In the mid 1990s, conscious of the position that the creative process must occupy throughout the production process, Philippe Hurel set up a design and style entity within the premises of the Manufactory. This innovation bore fruit in the emergence of the interior décor division and the special orders division created specifically for exclusive, unique or collection derived furnishings.

3D preliminary designs, sketches, shop drawings and template definitions: the design entity encourages artistic expression while retaining the absolute control inherent in Philippe Hurel creations.

An acclaimed autodidact, Philippe Hurel has remained in the vanguard of design precisely because of his ability to passionately and enthusiastically appraise and then reappraise his work. Even in the final stages of production, design files, specifications and marketing formula will be swept aside if he deems a modification is required. Inspired both by History and personal experience, furniture design for Philippe Hurel is a game of construction and proportion.

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